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Zipp 60 Front Clincher Wheel

Zipp 60 Front Clincher Wheel
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Zipp 60 Clincher Front Wheel

The new Zipp 60 Clincher is high-performance carbon rim at an attractive price.

•Weight: 970g
•Rim Depth: 58mm
•Brake Track Width: 18.7mm
•Max Width: 23.5mm
•Clincher Bead Width: 13.7mm
•Spoke Count: 18
•Spoke Pattern: Radial
•Spoke Length: 246mm
•Max Tyre Pressure: 125psi
•Max Tyre Pressure: 8.62bars
•Dimpled Surface: Yes
•Wheel Size: 700c


The new Zipp 60 Clincher allows you to experience a precision-engineered, high-performance carbon rim at a price that won’t create financial drag. The 58mm dimpled hybrid toroidal rim is based on aerodynamic principles validated in the wind tunnel and with scores of race wins. Based on our quarter-century of aero expertise, the 60 Clincher is stiff and durable yet nimble thanks to continuous and strenuous product development. An all-new hub makes the 60 Clincher as durable as it is fast. This versatile wheelset is perfect for the road racer, the triathlete or gran fondo enthusiast who simply loves to ride.

The 60 is inspired by our pioneering rim that’s won races around the globe. Zipp’s M2CM™ technology fuses the aluminum hoop to the inner carbon section during the molding process. Our famous ABLC™ dimple pattern smoothes airflow across the rim’s surface. That 60’s aluminum brake track provides a familiar and effective stopping surface in all conditions.

Wheels ship with Zipp Tangente butyl road inner tube with removable core (700c x 19-23mm), Zipp integrated valve extenders, quick-release skewers and rim strips. Brake pads not included.

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