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Huub Womens Aperitif Wetsuit

Huub Womens Aperitif Wetsuit
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Brand:  Huub


HUUB Aperitif Womens Wetsuit

We all know the saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” but lets reverse that. Here at HUUB we pride ourselves on building wetsuits from our knowledge, experience and most of all our scientific testing “What we know”. Sure, the opinion of the Brownlee Brothers and Helen Jenkins along with the fastest swimmers in triathlon who all choose HUUB is important, but we value the true scientific testing that sets HUUB apart as company to deliver the fastest suit for “you”.

The days of adding the thickest neoprene panels to the chest and legs in matching thickness has long gone for us here at HUUB, because we know that by adding more buoyancy to the legs and less to the chest we can actually reduce the frontal drag of the wetsuit and put you in a better swim position.

The HUUB Aperitif triathlon wetsuit has been designed to offer you fantastic flexibility whilst having the buoyancy required to give the most comfortable swimming position. We are delighted to add this all new product to our range of award winning suits, with all the HUUB attention to detail and scientific knowledge wrapped in a package of incredible performance and stunning value.

Features HUUB Aperitif Womens Wetsuit

3:5 Buoyancy combination for improved body position and reduced drag
1.5mm Under arm for maximum flexibility
Scientifically researched Neoprene thickness combinations
Glide-skin specifications for reduced surface drag
Specific Panel placements for flexibility and efficiency
Speed Cut ankle & Cuffs for ease of exit

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