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Huub Archimedes II Wetsuit

Huub Archimedes II Wetsuit
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Brand:  Huub


Huub Archimedes II Wetsuit (3:5)

This suit is everything you could want in a professional grade triathlon wetsuit.

  • Super supple rubber for freedom of movement while swimming and to reduce cramp.
  • Low Neck Line to avoid chaffing of your neck while swimming.
  • 3mm Panels around the torso and 5mm panels around the legs to lift your legs in the water so that you are in a streamlined swim position to reduce drag and thus increase speed.


Through observing how Chloroprene foam moves, stretches and behaves with differing lining materials,Huub have been able to further enhance the flexibility and reach. The Archimedes // has a 25% reduction in the neoprene thickness of the panels around the side, the back and shoulders, utilising 1mm Cholorprene foam and the most flexible lining materials available. The under arm gusset has been remodelled with improved ‘mechanical reach’ with detailed analysis of the stitch location. The super flexible material in the lateral panels with thickness reduction allows ‘Non-suit’ feel and reach. The improved design and application of new materials delivers an arm-reach modulus reduction of 18%, in other words, less effort for more stretch.

Non Suit Feel
During the two-year testing period Huub have strived to reach the ‘Non-suit’ bench mark. It was ITU Athlete and ‘more first out the water than any other’ ITU star, Richard Varga whose comment satisfied that search;

“I knew I was wearing the most flexible wetsuit, but now I am wearing the most flexible swimskin, it just doesn’t feel like I am wearing a wetsuit, my speed tells me I am, but the feel tells me I am wearing something like I have never before experienced” - Richard Varga

“Wow, that is fast, and so comfortable, what have you done? It doesn’t look much different from the first Archimedes, but it feels incredible” - Raoul Shaw (The only triathlete who challenged Richard Varga, 1500m P.B 15:05)

Improved Efficiency
The X-O skeleton is a unique proposition from HUUB, researched using ‘active drag’ the only company testing and using the most effective and accurate measurement. Measurement of Active Drag (M.A.D) shows what happens when the athlete is swimming, not being towed or pulled - where inaccuracies are rife. Huub use a cross section of measurement, but the M.A.D. is the most accurate and most reliable. The X-O Skeleton delivers structure and control to reduce snaking, power loss and directional waste by gripping and holding the pelvis and hips. Research by Professor Huub Toussaint has taught  many things, and one of those is the secret to improving stroke efficiency, whilst controlling other parts of the body.  The X-O Skeleton has been increased by 80% in the Archimedes 2 to deliver more control.

Calf Release™ and Bicep Release™
The Calf Release has been increased in volume by 25%, giving the calf more coverage of the lower modulus with non-restrictive super thin nylon. The thickness was reduced to below 1mm to ensure natural calf movement; this improves kick by lack of restriction and significantly reduces the risk of cramping during swim and transition.

The Bicep Release has an improved modulus to further enhance the panel’s ability to create a natural flexed recovery arm and efficient arm flex for the catch. The Bicep release was the brain-child of Swimsmooth’s, Paul Newsome and has proved to be a unique feature that only a swim stroke analyst with his obsessive nature could create.

Features low neck line.