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Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit

Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit
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Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit

The Zone3 Aspire was the only wetsuit to get 10/10 from 220 Triathlon Magazine. This high quality wetsuit has a lot of qualities such as feeling really comfortable to wear while swimming and allowing you swim with a natural unrestricted swim stroke. It is warm and durable, even for a wetsuit with such supple neoprene and it is this supple neoprene and the Zone3 Speed Cuffs that allow the wetsuit to come off easy and fast in T1 saving you valuable seconds.In short it is a suit packed with top of the range features that won’t brake the bank.

Features of the Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit

  • Pro Speed Cuffs on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after the swim to ensure the quickest transitions, saving you vital time on any course.
  • Maximum 5mm neoprene allowed under ITU regulations from the chest down to the knees. This gives maximum buoyancy and helps to position your body in a good streamlined swimming position.
  • Extensive research and development on panel design and fabric thickness ensures this is one of the most natural feeling wetsuits you’ll swim in.
  • Aqua dynamic Nano coating applied to the neoprene meaning that there is almost no drag through the water.
  • Premium SCS Yamamoto fabrics designed to ensure superb all-over body flexibility, comfort and performance.
  • 3D forearm catch panels to increase surface area on the arm pull through the water with each stroke. More propulsion means more speed.
  • Downwards YKK zip to enable the suit to go on and off easily.
  • Combining our recognized red cuffs with graphite back and arm panels gives the Aspire a distinguished style which looks as good on the rail as it does when being worn.

Size Guide

Size Height Weight Chest
Small-Medium 170-178cm  5"7-5"10 62-70(KG)  136-154(LBS) 89-97cm  35-38inches
Small-Tall 175-191cm  5"9-6"3 64-72(KG)  141-158(LBS) 89-97cm  35-38inches
Medium 173-183cm  5"8-6"0 68-74(KG)  150-163(LBS) 97-102cm  38-40inches
Medium-Tall 175-191cm  5"9-6"3 68-78(KG)  150-172(LBS) 97-102cm  38-40inches
Medium-Large 173-188cm  5"8-6"2 75-82(KG)  165-180(LBS) 102-107cm  40-42inches 
Large 178-191cm  5"10-6"3 82-92(KG)  180-198(LBS) 107-112cm  42-44inches
X-Large 183-196cm  6"0-6"5 92-100(KG)  202-220(LBS) 112-122cm  44-48inches
XX-Large 183-196cm  6"0-6"5 97-115(KG)  213-253(LBS) 117-127cm  46-50inches

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