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Continental GP 4000s II TWIN PACK

Continental GP 4000s II TWIN PACK
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Continental GP4000s IIContinental GP4000s II
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This product is a twin pack so you get two Continental Grand Prix 4000s II at a reduced price.

The GP4000s II is an update to the massively popular award winning GP4000s. This is a very high quality tyre that has low rolling resistance and high grip due to the Black Chili rubber compound used in the tyre but it also has good puncture protection because of the Vectran Breaker Technology that increases puncture protection.  If you are want fast tyres, that handle well, corner and descend with confidence then look no further than the GP4000s II.
Suitable for road racing, triathlon, sportives and fast training rides.

Vectran Technology:
Vectran is a multi-fibered thermoplastic yarn that is made from a liquid crystal polymer.
Claimed to be stronger than steel, this offers additional resistance to penetration from road debris while being ultralight.

Black Chili Compound:
The tiny size of Black Chili particles allows them to mold to variable road surfaces more readily. It gives the tire greater ability to conform to imperfections in the road surface for excellent grip in demanding situations such as high speed cornering. Since the Black Chili particles are so small, more particles fit into the contact patch of the tire, reducing tire wear and increasing tire longevity.
The Black Chili particles are also literally more flexible, which reduces the rolling resistance of the GP 4000 S II.

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