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Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts

Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts
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Brand:  Zone3


Zone3 Neoprene Buoyancy Shorts

The Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts make swimming in a swimming pool like swimming in a wetsuit. You train to race in a wetsuit and in the body position that a wetsuit allows you to swim in while out in the open water. The Buoyancy Shorts help lift your hips and legs to simulate the wetsuit position, this removes the need to kick extra hard while in the pool allowing you to use the extra energy to focus on your arm pull and maintaining good technique. This will allow you train well in the pool and take the gains with you on race day.

They are made from top quality Smoothskin neoprene and are stitched and bonded just the same as a triathlon wetsuit. Designed using 3mm neoprene down the centre and 5mm neoprene down the sides. The 3mm provides additional buoyancy whilst the 5mm side panels complement this by promoting hip rotation through each stroke.


Sizing of the Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts:

X-Small :       26"-28" Waist
Small :          28"-31" Waist
Medium :      31"-33" Waist
Large :          34"-37" Waist
X-Large:       38”-40” Waist


"Once on, the shorts feel comfortable and nonrestrictive, though just as with a wetsuit, getting the right size is important. In the water, the effect is really noticeable, making drills and long sessions a breeze without needing extra pool toys. They’re far easier to use than a pull buoy as you don’t have to grip as you swim."



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