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Finis Freestyle Snorkel

Finis Freestyle Snorkel
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Finis Freestlye Snorkel

The Freestyle Snorkel is the first snorkel designed specifically for freestyle swimmers. The advanced shape allows the swimmer to achieve a lower head position during freestyle and therefore further optimize body position.Training Benefits:The Swimmer's Snorkel allows the swimmer to keep their face down in the water and concentrate on their stroke. This a great way to improve on stroke mechanics.With significant training, proper stroke technique, body position, balance, and streamline positioning can be committed to memory.Increases lung capacity and aerobic conditioning.The distance the air has to travel to get to and from the lungs is increased by the length of the snorkel. This forces the swimmer to develop a stronger inhale and exhale while swimming. As the lungs develop, fewer breaths will be needed for each lap, which will reduce times.Used and endorsed by many top swimming coaches and programs.



  • Specifically for the Freestyle stroke
  • Swim at normal and much slower speeds with perfect stability and a full range of motion.
  • Concentrate on body balance, head position and stroke technique by eliminating rotation in the breathing cycle.
  • This design allows freestyle swimmers to achieve a lower head position for optimizing sprint body position.
  • Color: Yellow

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