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Orca Compression Racing Socks

Orca Compression Racing Socks
 Orca Compression Racing SocksOrca Compression Racing Socks 
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Brand:  Orca


Orca Compression Racing Socks

These are performance socks designed to give maximum stability and limit any movement in the shoe by using 3D dots on the sole of the sock. The use of Accupressure 3D dots support blood circulation in the lower part of the foot. 

Support: The contoured strap instep stimulates venous return and promotes the regeneration process while the patented sock fibres minimize vibration and micro muscle injury and so helps protect against pain and injuries. 

Odour Reduction: Using built-in silver ions, the fabric naturally reduces odour and the chances of blisters. 

Materials: 75% polyamide, 16% polypropylene, 9% elastane

CYCLING: More support during effort, and outstanding during recovery. A must-have for road and mountain bike cyclists.
ACHILLES TENDON PROTECT: The cushioning effect of the 3D.DOTS at the rear of the sock protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure.
DOTS PRESSURE CIRCULATION: The massaging acupressure is designed to stimulate blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole.
FLIGHT COMPRESSION: The stimulation of blood flow and prevention of fluid accumulation in the foot make this an ideal travel accessory.
RECOVERY: Accelerates venous return and prevents blood from collecting in muscles - making your legs feel ultra light.
RUNNING: Perfect for track, road or trail running. It is also the ideal heat regulator between seasons.

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