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Price Promise

Price Promise

If you find a product offered by another mail order company, then let us know and we will try and match that price for you. 

Send us by e-mail:

  • name as well as the website of the supplier
  • a link to the competing offer
  • precise product name
  • price of the product


We'll then contact you with a discount for this product.

Preconditions for the use of the price promise:

The price promise only applied when you are about to make a purchase, but not subsequently. The compared trader must come from Ireland or the UK, must be run on a commercial basis and be an internet mail order company. The product of the compared trader must be new, undamaged, not clearance stock, and boxed as new. In the case of the compared products volume discounts or other discounts or credits that are individually offered to the customer shall not be taken into account. Only the quantities that are customary in trade may be purchased. The product must evidently be immediately available and in the same size/color, in the compared trader's warehouse on the day that the price promise is requested. The availability must be displayed on the compared trader's website. The costs of shipping, which would be incurred when ordering from the compared trader, shall be included in the calculation. The modes of payment are restricted to those types of payment, which the compared trader offers. The price promise does not apply for offers in auction sales.

If the product is delivered abroad the VAT of the country of delivery must be invoiced in some cases, which can result in price differences. The price promise refers to the value of the underlying sales price not including VAT. Differences that solely arise due to the calculation of VAT are not covered by the price promise.