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SKS Chromoplastic Mudgaurds

SKS Chromoplastic Mudgaurds
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Brand:  SKS


SKS Chromoplastic Mudguards

SKS are the Rolls-Royce of mudguards; they are virtually unbreakable and are very elegant. Their beauty is not just skin-deep. The stainless steel v-shaped stays make for easy fitting and the quick release Secu-clips are far safer than standard fixings, preventing front wheel lock up in case of a foreign object getting trapped between guard and wheel. The mudguards have no sharp edges and are amazingly flexible. The production process involves the encapsulation of fine aluminum foil within a matrix of high performance plastic. This process provides high resistance to corrosion and resulting in a high degree of flexibility. Mudguard set for front and rear:

  • Front and rear mudguard set with traditional and unmistakable decorative stripes
  • 3.4 mm stainless steel
  • Bolts and nuts from stainless steel
  • Front fork crown fitting, sliding bridge and fixed bridges of stainless steel
  • Including stainless steel assembly kit
  • Security fastening Security clip (DIN 79100)
  • 35mm-50mm Diameters available
  • Narrow/Wide//Hybrid Tyres


SKS Chromoplastic Mudguards Sizing Information:

35 mm Mudguards : 700x20-28

45 mm Mudguards : 700x28-37

50 mm Mudguards : 700x38-45

"The venerable SKS Chromoplastic mudguard has been a staple for audaxers, tourers and commuters for decades, and the latest incarnation is everything you'd want: sturdy, well made and decent value." 

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