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Fenwicks Chain Lube 100ml (Dry Weather)

Fenwicks Chain Lube 100ml (Dry Weather)
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Brand:  Fenwicks




Taking a very scientific approach, Fenwick’s lubes focus on the UK and European riding conditions in which the lube needs to perform rather than the style of lube itself. Compared to dry lubes, Fenwick’s wet style lubes offer more protection and performance at bicycle operating temperatures.
Fenwick’s synthetic lubes are made to conditions-specific bespoke formulations.

All 3 lubes offer:

  • Smoother, quieter functioning bike Increased protection against corrosion.
  • Decreased wear
  • Increased maintenance periods. 
  • Reduced environmental contamination - less needed per application, greater tenacity so less trail contamination. 
For best results, apply to a clean chain and wipe off excess with a clean, absorbent cloth. Reapply as necessary. Ride. A specific blend of synthetic ingredients with additives to dramatically reduce corrosion, repel water and prolong component life.

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