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Kask K50 Helmet

Kask K50 Helmet
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Kask K50 Cycling Helmet (50NTA)

The K50 or 50NTA as it is also know as, is a top class helmet that looks great, feels very light on your head and has plenty of ventilation so that you head stays comfortable while you ride. KASK Helmets stand for quality and style, so you know that you are getting the best of safety with this helmet along with Italian cycling style.

The Kask K50 incorporates a number of unique design features that make it stand out from the rest. One of the safest, best fitting and most stylish range of cycling helmets available globally. The all-Italian-made KASK helmets are the choice of Team Sky, where no secret is made of the fact that every element has been selected to deliver a winning advantage for the team.

The superior quality of the KASK styling and workmanship that has gone into these helmets is evident in the overall finish and attention to detail in every feature. In particular, the helmet incorporates a unique hinged adjustment system that allows for both size and up/down adjustment, which together comfortably cradle the nape of the neck. The helmet size can be adjusted using either the dial or finger push system. This system also includes ventilated, non-stick pads. Working together, these features give the helmet a superior fit and deliver a feeling of improved security that is quite unlike any other helmet.

Unsurpassed ventilation is achieved by means of 24 large air vents which do not compromise safety or aerodynamic qualities of the helmet. The internal pads are made from two layers of CoolMax to help draw perspiration away from the head and these pads are removable and washable. The helmet is secured by means of nylon thermo fixed straps and quick release buckle.

Size Guide for the Kask K50: 

  • Medium: 48cm - 58cm Head circumference  
  • Large : 59cm - 62cm Head circumference  


Kask K50 (50NTA) Product Specifications:

  •     Silk-screen processed polycarbonate external shell with compressed polystyrene interior
  •     24 big air intakes arranged to optimize aerodynamics
  •     Reflecting sticker on the back of the helmet
  •     Black strap clips
  •     Unique UP-N- DOWN size hinged adjustment system gives the ultimate fit in terms of precision, comfort and safety
  •     Nape-guard with non-slip rubber coating for additional comfort
  •     Nylon thermo fixed straps and quick release buckle
  •     Anti-allergic Coolmax chin pad protection, adjustable in length
  •     Inner padding is made of shiny silver fabric treated Sanitized
  •     Weight: 260 g
  •     Carrying bag is not included
  •     100% made in Italy

“IN MOULDING” SYSTEM The innovative “In moulding” system, joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, ensures a better shock absorption.

UP & DOWN The Up-N-Down adjustment system gives the most precise and comfortable fitting of any helmet due to its unique double pivot design. This allows the back of the head to be cradled by the straps, which are then easily tightened to the correct tension by a central ratchet wheel. This fit system combined with a very breathable, non-slip, GEL internal liner ensures top performance for the user.

SANITIZED® Sanitized® textile

"One element we like is the full in-mould shell return under the brim. This area is often exposed foam and can quickly show damage from use, but the full shell coverage stops the dents and keeps your investment looking sharper for longer.  The deep, almond-shaped fit suited us well, and we loved the extra deep drop on the retention mechanism to get it positioned into the nape for maximum security."

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