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JetBlack Flight Photochromic Lens Sunglasses

JetBlack Flight Photochromic Lens Sunglasses
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The JetBlack Flight sunglasses come with photochromic lens technology which has the unique ability to automatically adjust to the changing light conditions. When its a dull day, the lens will let more light through so that you can see clearly, when the sun comes out, the lens will block more of the light so that you are not blinded by the glare. No matter the weather or the time of day, the lens will adjust to allow you good depth perception by maximizing visual contrast.

The lenses are constructed from polycarbonate and filter out 100% of the harmful UV rays. Polycarbonate lenses are 37% lighter and 46% thinner than other common plastic lenses. These polycarbonate lenses are also shatter proof so they'll protect your eyes from flying stones. The lenses are have a hard multi coating which will help reduce scratching and extend the lifetime of the lenses.

    •    Photochromic Lens
    •    Comfort rubber nose pads
    •    Includes two sets additional lenses, FXT Clear and FXA Amber
    •    100% Protection from UV rays
    •    Impact resistant
    •    Includes very stylish carbon looking case
    •    Optimized cooling airflow design

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