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High5 Box of Iso Gels

High5 Box of Iso Gels
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High5 Iso Gels (60ml)High5 Iso Gels (60ml)
Qty:  25


The multi award winning High5 Iso Gels are easy to take gels that won't upset your stomach. Using only natural juice flavors and colors and a dash of real fruit juice these gels will give you the energy boost you need without feeling you are eating some sickly sweet and sticky gel.


  • 25 energy gels per box 
  • Carbohydrates for instant energy
  • Great tasting fruit flavours
  • Isotonic formula for quick absorption without dehydration
  • Light drink-like consistency
  • Rip-off top sachet for convenient consumption
  • Product Flavours: All
  • Natural Flavours: Real Juice
  • Artificial Colours: No
  • Preservatives: Yes
  • Artificial Sweeteners: No
  • Suitable for Lacto Vegitarians: Yes
  • Suitable for Strict Vegitarians: Yes
  • Suitable for Dietary: Yes



Womens Running Magazine
“These tasted great and the texture was easy to cope with, too. They were easy to open mid-run and gave me a burst of energy when needed.”

Cycling Weekly
“Whereas some gels can be rather thick and heavy on the stomach, IsoGel is more like a sports drink than a gel, making it easier to consume. It’s refreshing, which makes a change from the chore-like feeling with more viscous gels.”

Triathlon Plus
“The mix of maltodextrin and glucose delivers energy gently enough not to spike or crash obviously. The 15% fruit juice recipe tastes usefully neutral, with no stickiness after swallowing. 5/5”

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