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Bodyglide Chamois Glide 42g

Bodyglide Chamois Glide 42g
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The Bodyglide Chamois Glide is a totally new kind of solution to discomfort and saddle sores from cycling long distances. Traditionally chamois cremes and butters are applied by hand and are wet, this makes your shorts wet and after a while they shorts dry out and the effects of the creme evaporates. Chamois Glide is not wet and it is applied from a stick directly to the chamois, short, and to the skin. Chamois Glide actually penetrates skin and stays where it is applied. Once on, it feels dry. And rarely do cyclists need to stop and apply more.

Why is Chamois Glide better than other Chamois Cremes and Butters?
Bodyglide products are made from natural plant-derived waxes that have been specially blended together to protect the skin from the effects of rubbing, such as from bike chamois and shorts. So no more unnatural man made combinations of petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil and water that can soak away or evaporate.

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