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Orca Compression Arm Sleeves

Orca Compression Arm Sleeves
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Brand:  Orca


Orca Compression Arm Sleeves

These arm sleeves will provide you with protection from the cold as well as the benefits of compession, all in all a great training and recovery aid.


ULTRA LIGHT: For optimum comfort, the microfibre is seamless, lightweight (0,9 grams/cm3) and very soft. During exercise, it will feel like you are wearing nothing. You will be lighter and faster!

CYCLING: More resistance during effort, and outstanding during recovery. A must-have for road and mountain bike cyclists.

SHOCK ABSORBER: The 360° compression lessens the “shock wave” effect on veins and joints.

RECOVERY: Accelerates venous return and prevents blood from collecting in muscles - making your legs feel ultra light.

MASSAGING FIBRE: A patented fibre where every movement triggers a micro massage, providing a sensation of lightness and well-being.

RUNNING: Perfect for track, road or trail running. It is also the ideal heat regulator between seasons.


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