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Compressport Compression Socks

Compressport Compression Socks
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Brand:  Compressport


The Compressport Full Compression Sock performs both during use and in recovery, its comfortable design optimising blood flow and stimulating venous return, also making it ideal for travel.

Compression Sock Features:

  • Blood flow stimulation: the graduated compression and acupressure effect of the 3D.DOTs helps to stimulate blood circulation in the foot, increasing venous return
  • Shock absorption: the external over-woven structure of the 3D.DOTs allows for absorption and dampening of impact
  • Protection of the Achilles tendon: the cushioning effect of the 3D.DOTs at the rear of the sock protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure
  • Slip-proof: the multi-directional 3D.DOTs ensure maximum grip in shoes, preventing the sock from slipping
  • Ventilation: air flows easily between the 3D.DOTs, regulating temperature
  • Travel Sock: as it stimulates blood flow and prevents fluid accumulating in the foot it is an ideal travel sock
  • Extreme comfort: the woven fibres provide softness and comfort
  • ‘Ergoformable’ toe piece: the toe piece design covers the toes without creasing, compressing or smothering the foot. Toes are left free and not squashed together
  • ‘ArchStim’ support: positioned on the arch of the foot, this elastic compression strip stimulates venous return, strengthens stride posture and prevents the sock from moving, slipping and twisting
  • Quality assurance: always striving to bring you the highest quality, Compressport compression products are manufactured exclusively in Europe, using European yarn, on European equipment, by European medical compression specialists

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