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Grangers 2 in 1 : Waterproofer and Cleaner 300ml

Grangers 2 in 1 : Waterproofer and Cleaner 300ml
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Waterproofing and Cleaning, this is the product that will keep your waterproof  clothing working month after month. Cleaning waterproof clothing with modern detergents ruins the breath-ability and waterproof-ness.
Recommended for Gore-tex®, eVent® and all waterproof breathable clothing

Specially formulated to clean and re-proof all outdoor gear in one wash cycle. Powerful cleaning combined with durable water repellency enhances the performance of all fabrics. Saves time, energy and water. All waterproof apparel should be tumble dried after washing to maximise water repellency.


How to Clean

1 Close zippers and velcro flaps.

2 Shake bottle and pour correct amount into the machine drawer or wash ball. See bottle for correct amounts.

3 Wash on a warm wash and rinse cycle - Granger's products are formulated to work from 30°C helping save energy and protecting the environment.

4 Tumble dry on a medium heat until dry. Then continue to dry for a further 15 mins to ensure complete activation of the proofer.



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