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XLAB Delta 225

XLAB Delta 225
 XLAB Delta 225XLAB Delta 225 
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The XLAB Delta 225 is proven in the toughest races in the world. It was used by Pete Jacobs when he won the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona. Storing your hydration behind you saddle allows it to stay sheltered from the wind in the shadow of you body. This means that their is almost no drag penalty in have the bottle so you can go faster than when using traditional frame mounted bottles.

Standard frame-mounted bottles have high aerodynamic drag, so place your bottle at the rear instead. The DELTAs are mounted on the saddle rails for no measurable drag.

Use the DELTAs to refill a front drink system. Just bring the spare bottle forward from the DELTA and refill. If you have the popular XLAB TORPEDO aerobar mounted system then simply replace the empty front bottle with the spare bottle from the DELTA.

These systems are also ideal for longer training rides or Century rides, where an extra bottle is necessary so you can have your favorite mix with you at all times.


  • AERODYNAMIC LOCATION – Mounting to the saddle rails in the rider’s draft allows for clean aerodynamics and easy access. Great way to increase your speed.
  • STABLE DESIGN – Strong, sturdy mounting. The material used on the carrier is high strength and will not sway, allowing for fast, safe access to the bottle.
  • SPECIAL CAGE DESIGN – The cage design is funnel shaped allowing for easy insertion of your bottle.
  • HIGH GRIPPING CAGE – The GORILLA XT cage grips the bottle with 14 lbs of tested force to prevent slippage.
  • ANTI-VIBRATION – Using Loctite and locknuts, the screws are locked in place for safety and security.

DELTA 225 Includes:

  • 1 XLAB Cage Mount
  • 1 XLAB GORILLA XT cage.
  • 1 Bracket for Adamo Saddle



  • Proprietary composite Mount, Carbon Fiber cage, bracket



  •  DELTA 225: 121g with Mount, hardware and cage

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