Tom: Preparing for Dublin City Triathlon with a big training block!

Monday, 11 August 2014  |  Admin

Hi There! I'm getting ready for the Dublin City Triathlon(Piranha Tri Club hosting) and the race is in just two weeks. Time is flying. It will be the biggest race of 2014 with all top lads competing in Phoenix Park.

No race briefing/guide has been released yet but that’s ok because I know the bike course (part of my running lap) and anyway I plan to go to Phoenix Park to train on it to see how tight the corners are. If rains on the day, it can be a bit dangerous with all athletes on the course doing bike laps of the circuit at the same time.  

My last race was at the Two Provinces Tri so the first week after that was a bit easier and just wanted to recover and then last three weeks since then were really intense. Managed to get my legs to ‘shut up’ however and I am balancing training and recovery as best as I can. I train using my gut feeling and so far so good with that. Every week I do the same laps on the bike and on the run so I can see if I am getting faster or not. It is only one more week of hard training and then I'll use the last week before the race for recovery and tapering.

Swim: The 1500m swim in Athy Olympic Triathlon cost my way too much energy so I wanted to do an extra swim session per week and more distance. So one morning I went to the NAC, but I found that having no one else to swim with meant I could not find the motivation to push hard (why do I always need to push hard???). I do miss easy training but being a time strapped athlete something had to give. So, I am sticking to ALSAA Masters swimming sessions which are shorter but at maxiumium intensity.

Bike: having watched Two Provinces Tri on YouTube I noticed that my saddle was way too high…not sure how it had happened. Since then I lowered it and I found extra power in my legs. So cycling on  the heavy and slow roads in Phoenix Park should be good. All I have to do now is to recover and have fresh legs for race day.

Training loop

Not every training session is fun – the above 10x2km with 1km recovery. It’s a speed session and bike handling. The repeat starts after a roundabout goes to another roundabout and back. Good session but with rain is a proper drag to cycle up and down 30 times.

Run: Finally I’m getting going. Not at the level I wanted to be, but every week I am faster. I added one more brick session so I have two brick sessions (unless my wife wants to go for a run when I get in the door, so I might end up with four runs some weeks :) ).


Training Summary (21Jul – 10Aug)

Swim:    16.4 km

Cycle:    588km

Run:        161km

Conclusion: now is the last week of hard work and with proper recovery and taper I should be again in my best shape.


….meanwhile in Poland ;D

Meanwhile in Poland..

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