Steve Macklin continues his upward trajectory at the Little Bo Peep Triathlon

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Little Bo Peep National Series Olympic Distance Race 3rd Overall (1st age group) 2:00:52

So this weekend it was off to Kenmare for my 2nd Olympic Distance race of the year and an important one for the National Series. This part of the country is beautiful and it certainly proved to be exactly that. Off down there I went on Friday before arriving at my B&B located right next to the race start overlooking the swim area. Checked in then got bike ready and headed off for a spin around the bike course. The roads were quite rough and it was a very technical course with the descent and tight turns on narrow country roads. Got to too and it pissed rain, damn it!!! Finished off loop and back to B&B like a drowned rat. Hopefully it isn't like this tomorrow I thought. How wrong was I, it was gonna be twice as bad!!! Had a chat with Joe about plan for race and was all set to go. Headed in to Kenmare to meet Ryan and Jude to register and get some grub. Had a nice meal and went in to listen to Trevor Woods talk for a small bit before heading back to relax. On way back I drove the run course and damn it was a tough one!!!

Was up at 7am Saturday morning, feeling a little sleepy as didn't get best of nights sleep but Thursday night was good, so more important. Had a big breakfast and headed over to transition to set up. Quick chat with my team mate Davy Richardson and then got ready. The race wasn't as loaded as I thought it would be so was hopeful of a top 4 finish with Trevor Woods, Eric Wolfe and Davy all going to be difficult to beat. Podium is always an aim when I race though, as its the place you want to be.

message little bo peep triathlonSwim- 22.53
Water was perfect nice temperature. Nice wide start and 600m to 1st buoy so not as messy as other races. Horn went and out I went, fast first 150m then tried to settle into a rhythm. Conditions were perfect at start except for the huge jellyfish!!! Around 1st buoy and 300m to next buoy at the 900m mark. Into a nice rhythm but swimming along in open water. There were jellyfish everywhere and huge ones with giant tentacles. I wont lie, I torpedoed away from a few during the race instead of saying hello!!! Got around 2nd buoy fine and then a hailstone shower arrived and the wind picked up creating a current dragging us to the right, away from the swim exit. Kept a good sight on exit of swim and battled against current now finding feet for last 300m. Out of water with a controlled swim and not burning too many matches. Swam a lot of it on my own, have to get on some feet more. 24th fastest swim of the day.

T1- 52 secs
Through T1 in the lashing rain pretty good, a little slow getting off wetsuit but otherwise a good one. Runners were full of water and bike shoes drenched!!!

Bike- 61.44
Out over dismount line and onto bike rolling the legs for first 3-4km passing some bodies. You start the long climb at 8km mark and I ran into a peloton of 6 guys at about 6km in. Crap better get away from this or risk a penalty if these guys start sucking wheels. Big effort on the outside of them to pass all of them and take the lead. Worked legs hard for 1km or so on climb then look around and they are all gone. Perfect!!! Got to top of climb and look around and nobody behind, must have climbed well. Quick gel at the top at about 13.5km before a hellish descent with hail stones battering my eyes and water all over road. Man it was scary descending in that weather but what a buzz. The aim of the descent was to stay on the bike and take no risks. Normally not my cup of tea but descended very well. At 16.5km we turn off main road onto a narrow rough country road and nobody in sight in front or behind. Kept chasing and eventually caught one more before hitting main road again at 28km and rolled a big gear for last 9km on main road passing one more guy 1km from T2. One last gel about 3km from home and legs felt good and hadn't overdid it but still a strong cycle on a tough technical course of about 37/38 km. Into T2 in 4th place. Saw Davy at side of road, must have punctured and he roared me on and gave me a time check on the guy in 3rd. Gutted he punctured as he swam great and could have had a super race.

T2- 35 secs
Fastest T2 of the day, dismounted well, racked bike, on with runners and gone.

Steve Macklin Running Little Bo Peep TriathlonRun- 34.46
Just rolled the 1st km steady pace but comfortable to get the legs going. At turn off main road Marshall said I was 1.20 down on 3rd place. Perfect!!! Started rolling the legs and felt strong on the hills. It was a brutal run route out and back 5km, with killer uphills and downhills. Passed the guy in 3rd place by 3.5km mark and was feeling great. Along the run and bike route Kenmare Tri club had put up signs with amusing sayings. At one point on the run at the top of a brutally steep hill was a chair at side of road with a sign on it saying something like "Have a little sit down" haha. Made me laugh. On way back I saw a gel on it so someone took up the offer I think!!! Working hard and getting closer to turnaround point, Trevor and Eric passed coming back after the turn. Gap was pretty big and not catchable on the run so rolled strong as far as 6-7km and then closed it down as 3rd was safe and wanted to save legs for training during the week. Enjoyed the last 2km crushing in for 3rd place and making the podium!!!

Overall swim was solid while not killing it, biked strong, transitions very good and run felt great and in control. Another National Series podium, number 3 for the year so happy days!!! My friend Ryan had a blinder, his best ever race and a testament to all the hard work he's put in. Great to see two friends I went to school (Albert Clarke) and University (Cian Murphy) with having great races also. Also a super race from fellow swimcyclerun athlete Rachel Clancy for 2nd in the women's race. Of course when we finished the rain stopped and sun came out, always the way:) Thanks to Kenmare Tri club for a well organized event, certainly a race that has everything!!! Now it's a couple of easy easy days and a massage with the main man Gary Ahern in Douglas. Then on Tuesday I am off to the South of France for a 10 day camp with Richard Laidlow so no doubt that is going to be tough. Lots to work on especially the swim, Rich is great for this and some one on one time in the pool is needed. Amelie Les Bains is a lovely little town at foot of mountains and a great place to just train, eat, sleep and relax. Can't wait!!! So for next few weeks its back to training after some races in July. London and the World Championships is not too far away!!!


Steve Macklin Podium Prize
Pictures thanks to TI Media/KenMurphy

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