Máire-Tríona : Injury, one step back, two steps forward.

2 CommentsThursday, 13 June 2013  |  Admin

Blog: Training and injury update

The last few weeks have been a bit of a roller-coaster. I was hugely relieved to be told that an MRI on my sore foot didn't show a stress fracture. Relieved but frustrated, also, as I still didn't know what was wrong. After three weeks of limping around, trying not to aggravate it, there was no improvement in the pain. Gout was suggested as a possible cause. For anyone who knows me, this seemed laughable, as I just don't fit the stereotypical image of a gout sufferer. I was dubious but who am I to query medical opinion so I had the blood test. Thankfully, gout was ruled out.

I continued to ice, rest (a relative term meaning no running!) and take anti-inflammatories while trawling the internet in an attempt to self-diagnose. Such an addictive pass-time! In a way, it was positive because it kept me cautious, reading the horror stories of others whose symptoms sounded vaguely similar to mine. On the other hand, it really is a complete waste of time, as even if I did turn out to have one ofthe many injuries/conditions I read about, I wasn't going to be able to treat myself by doing anymore than I was already doing.

I'm pretty patient, in general, but it's just so hard to stay patient when the days are passing and there's no improvement. So, I looked for another opinion. I was fairly taken aback to be told that the MRI did show a stress fracture - the very same MRI that two weeks earlier hadn't shown anything but inflammation! Anyway, better late than never.Time for a quick trip to the bathroom for a little cry, then into the 'boot'. Almost as soon as I started wearing the boot, the pain miraculously disappeared. I love my boot! The only problem is that I'm slightly lopsided when I'm wearing it (my left leg is a tiny bit longer than my right, anyway, which doesn't help!) So a high heel balances me out. Unfortunately, I have no talent for walking in high heels so I've reverted to putting two insoles into my right runner as an alternative.

I haven't run in almost 6 weeks but it's not all bad. In fact, it's very positive. I've had another opportunity to really work hard on my swimming, cycling, strength and conditioning. My turbo and my boot have become my dearest friends and I'm training hard and really enjoying it. It has helped enormously to be surrounded by so many people who have distracted me from thinking about myself and the injury. I went to Athy as a supporter, and although I would have loved to be jumping in with my wave, I got great satisfaction from seeing my T3 club-mates and fellow swimcyclerun.com athletes, Rachel and Kim, competing and doing so well. Congrats, in particular, to my T3 club-mates, Jenny and Marie, for podium spots and Anna for completing her first tri!

I still felt a part of it all, just being there, and it's good to get a different perspective, now and again. It made me look forward even more to racing, hopefully sooner rather than later!


Thursday, 13 June 2013  |  22:54

you are something else MT. You always turn injury time into QUALITY TRAINING TIME. Super outlook on the bigger picture and end result.

Friday, 14 June 2013  |  1:27

Mt, red high heel - really?
Come on - couldn't you find something to match the boot?!

Hopefully the boot will fix the stress fracture, really enjoying your blogs - you are a legend!

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