Kim gets 2nd win in Dun Laoghaire Triathlon

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Delightful Dun Laoghaire

The sun may have taken a little longer than recent to make an appearance on Sunday morning but that didn’t stop the 300 or so individual’s decending on Seapoint beach for the inaugural Dun Laoghaire Triathlon on 21 July.  Apart from the usual beach attire; trisuits, wetsuits, compression wear, TT bikes and a few aero helmets were the norm.  The Seapoint locals certainly woke up to something different ☺

I arrived at transition just before 8.00am, an hour before my start in the first wave. The atmosphere was buzzing and it was great to see so many athletes, a good mix of newbies, the more experienced and the super triathletes. Transition was nice and compact and I got set up quickly so had enough time to nip back home and avoid having to que for a toilet, living across the road from transition certainly had many benefits.It wasn’t long before the race briefing was over and we were making our way to the swim start.  Slightly more relaxed than usual, maybe popping home after transition was not the best idea, I found myself running to the swim start and with what felt like 5 seconds after I entered the water, the horn went and we were off. No warm up for me.

I loved the swim; no elbows, people swimming over me, calm “warm” waters, well at least not the usual freezing temperatures .The large red buoys were very easy to sight off and for the first time in a triathlon that I thought I was swimming OK and actually enjoyed it.  I thought I had done well but maybe I enjoyed it a little too much as was disappointed with my split of 16.21. Probably the slowest 750m swim I have done this year. I was later told that the swim was way more than 750m, not sure if that was just to make me feel better though?

Out onto the 5 lap course of the bike. I was a little apprehensive of the laps as I was afraid I would miscount. Taking the advice of the race director I had placed 4 coloured tabs on the handlebars of my bike. At the end of each lap I simply removed a tab, this worked well as I really believe I would have done one more lap than the required 5.  The bike course was great as the road surface is good and its mainly flat, only two inclines in both directions to deal with.  As I live along the bike course and therefore very familiar with the road surface I didn’t need to raise my head as much to check for surprise potholes etc.  This helped reduce the usual post-race neck stiffness.  There was plenty of race marshalls along each side road to ensure that there was no other surprises to deal with. The only issue I had with the bike was the 10 turns to deal with, I am not the best at this and pretty much stopped dead 10 times over the 20k route (which I was told later turned out to be closer to 21k). Was happy with bike split of 34.55. Not my fastest 20K but not the worst.

Heading into T2 required careful coordination as there were bikes out from the later waves and runners out onto the run course.  The marshals looked to be doing their best to direct everyone but it’s tough conditions when so many people going different directions and tempers can flare (I did let out one or two warning shouts myself).

I enjoyed the run, lovely scenery, brilliant supporters along the route and the sun was even starting to shine. The surface was a little difficult in places but I focused on my run technique and moving as efficiently as I could.  It was only after the first 1k or so that I realised I wasn’t too far down on the top competitors.  I counted six or seven coming in the opposite direction and two or three in front of me. It was looking good for a win for me in the female category.  I was passed by a few males on the first out and back of the run but didn’t let that bother me. At the turnaround point onto the second out and back section I was informed by some supporters that I was first female and in 15th place overall.  I hadn’t seen any other females on the way back of the first section so I focused on keeping my pace and not overdoing it on the run (I have Trigrand Prix Kilkenny this weekend to look forward too). I lost another two places on the run to fellow male competitors over the last 1k of the run, annoying but I didn’t want to push it as I had the onset of cramp and I was thinking of Kilkenny.  I was delighted to see the finish line, but a little surprised at the clock showing 1hr 15 mins and a few seconds.  I definitely thought I was quicker than that. Later I was told that the run was 5.52k, maybe that was it??

I was racing in my new gear which I think looks pretty cool, though not sure about the pink visor anymore, might need to invest in a blue one!

Dun Laoghaire triathlon was a great race and one I definitely hope to see it on the triathlon calendar again next year.

Until Tri Grand Prix Kilkenny


Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  14:00

Congratulations Kim on your win

Enjoyed your synopsises of the triathlon, love the new gear

Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  23:30

Nice one Kim ... Well done on your podium finish!

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