Kim Doyle - Pulse Sprint Distance Triathlon 2013 Race Report

1 CommentSunday, 26 May 2013


Pulse Sprint Distance Triathlon 2013


First Race Back from Injury, First Win!!!

Pulse triathlon club held their annual sprint distance triathlon on Saturday 25 May at Port Beach Clogherhead Co. Louth. The event was well organised, the course was good and Pulse even managed to get the sun to shine on the day J    

I entered the triathlon only a few days earlier having spent many weeks prior trying to persuade myself that I was ready to return to triathlons after a bad break to my hand at Galway 70.3, September last. Only a few months prior, slowly recovering from the break with lots of new metal instead of bone in my hand, I had thought I would not be able to swim or handle a bike to the level required for triathlons ever again. Thankfully with the support and encouragement from many sources I started to believe in early Spring that I might make it to the start line of the sport I have come to love once again. The Pulse event was the first step on my return.

The weather was perfect considering the conditions we have been experiencing of late. Although there was a stronger breeze than I like, the sun was out in full force for May and the sea conditions didn’t look so bad. Once I setup in transition and the familiar pre-race camaraderie kicked in, the nerves I had felt all that morning faded and I started to feel at ease and enjoy it. Before I knew it we were walking  along the beach to the swim start. The water, although appearing inviting, was freezing... typical May sea temperatures!!

Swim – 14mins 39secs

I don’t usually like beach starts, as swimming is my weakest discipline and I find it harder to get into a good rhythm, as a result I am usually left well behind at the run in. However, once I got in far enough to swim I just put the head down and followed whoever was in front of me, checking every so often that the red bouys were to my left. Unfortunately this strategy didn’t pay off, as many times I think I went a bit off course, my sighting was poor to say the least. I know now, that more open water swim training was needed earlier in the season but the bad weather we had experienced in April was too much for me to brave the sea earlier than mid-May. I was 5th female out of the water in the end approximately 4 minutes down on the first girl.

Cycle – 32mins 56secs

I moved quickly in T1, deciding earlier that morning that no socks or added clothing was needed, although I did have my toe covers placed on my shoes; I can’t bear cold feet!!. Straight away I pushed hard on the bike and after a few minutes when my legs came around I upped the gears and kept down low on the tribars. I began to move up through the field after the first few kilometres and passed other competitors, including a few females. A to-and-fro with one or two male competitors on the early hills motivated me to push harder on the flats to leave them behind. This worked as I didn’t see them again. When I came close to T2 I could hear that I was the first female back, I couldn’t believe it, I knew I had pushed hard all the way around the bike course and had passed many and was passed by none but I didn’t think I had made up the time I lost on the swim. Later the results showed I had a bike split of 32.56 J

Run – 19mins 2secs

Knowing I was first female I was motivated to move quickly through T2, no socks for the run which is not something I usually do. The run is my favourite part of triathlon, the first time that I can relax and enjoy it. However, I didn’t want to lose the lead I had worked hard for on the bike so I kept the pace up early in the run. When I got to the turnaround point I could see I was a few hundred meters ahead of the second female (Joanne Doran) and slowed my pace on the second half of the run. I didn’t want to over-do it in my first triathlon back and given I have many more to follow this season. I don’t use a watch or any computers, so I had no idea what pace or overall time I was at. I felt good and I knew I could push it if needed, thankfully this was not required. I had a run split of 19.02. Not the best that I think I was capable of, but all that was needed on the day.

I was delighted to cross the line first female home in a time of 1.08.29. Although a few podium spots in previous seasons this was my first win in a triathlon. As my brother-in-law said afterwards, “maybe now it’s time to hang up the runners”….


Until Tri Athy.




Ber Rowan
Monday, 27 May 2013  |  15:04

Well done on win but also on your blog totally enjoyed the read and it gave me a good visual image of your day...not something I would be capable of emulating so proud of you on all levels

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