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Token Valve Extenders

Token Valve Extenders
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Token Valve Extenders

Sold as a pair.

This valve extender is not the type where you need to remove the valve core, rather you leave the valve open and attach the valve extender to the valve.

How to install these Token Valve Extenders

First, you must open the valve fairly hard so that it stays open and doesn't screw itself shut while you cycle, the pressure from the air inside the tube will keep the valve sealed so you don't need to worry about leaking air. The idea is to open it all the way, and leave it open, because when you screw the valve extender down over the valve you can not open the valve because you will not be able to reach it, and thus would not be able to pump the wheel. Some people put a little tape on the threads of the valve so that you get a more airtight seal between the valve and the extender. Its not essential, but it can help. Then screw the valve extender on to the valve. Install the tube and tyre as normal to the wheel and pump it up.

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